Zyprexa (10 mg)
Zyprexa 10 mg
Zyprexa 10 mg
Zyprexa is an effective medicine that is used for the treatment of psychotic conditions like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
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How Zyprexa works

An antipsychotic medicine, it is not know how Zyprexa acts on the body. It is said that the drug may work on the chemicals in the brain that causes the conditions.

How the drug is taken

Always do exactly what the doctor has advised. Never go for larger doses or use Zyprexa for a prolonged time unless it is asked by the doctor. Normaly Zyprexa can be taken with meals or without meals. The doctors prescribe Zyprexa once a day. When taking Zyprexa medicine, be careful not to swallow it. Just keep the tablet in the tongue or mouth and let it get dissolved slowly.

After starting Zyprexa, you can see an improvement of the symptoms in four weeks time. So in case you do not come across any improvement in the first stages, do not give up the medication. You have to stop Zyprexa only if the doctor asks for it. Well, even if the drug is not having any impact on your conditions after four weeks, better tell the doctor.

When taking Zyprexa, drink a lot of fluid. It is needed as there is a possibility that the body will be dehydrated when taking this antipsychotic medicine.

Zyprexa Missed dose/overdose

Missing a dose of Zyprexa is not good if you want good results. But there is a possibility of missing a dose at some point of time. Once you think of having not taken a dose of Zyprexa, you can have it once you remember. However, do not take the missed Zyprexa medicine if the time is almost near for your next dose. Well, never compensate for any missed Zyprexa doses.

In case of any overdose, do not delay n calling the doctor. Increased heart rate, drowsiness, aggression, agitation, confusion, slurred speech, breathing problems and fainting are the overdose symptoms.

Discussing with the doctor

Medicines should only be taken after consulting the doctor. Once you are discussing about your problems with the physician, do not hide anything. Let the physician know if you have any liver or kidney diseases, heart problems, high cholesterol, low white blood cell, breast cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, enlarged prostate, glaucoma and trouble while swallowing. If you have any of the above mentioned health issues, the doctor will be going for dose adustments.

Though Zyprexa’s effect during pregnancy is not yet studied well, it is advised not to inform the doctor if you are pregnant before he gives you this drug. Well, you have to take Zyprexa when nursing only after informing the doctor.

Zyprexa warnings

It is advised that you go for regular test of the blood sugar as there is a possibility that the drug may induce the sugar levels.

After taking Zyprexa, do not drive as the drug is known to impair the thinking. Moreover, do not get up suddenly from the sitting or lying position as you can feel dizzy.

Alcohol should be stopped while you are on Zyprexa as mis\xing the two can ibncrease the risk of side effects.

Possible side effects

As all drugs, Zyprexa also comes with side effects. In case of any uneasines, contact the doctor.

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